Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan is launching its first round of public engagement!

Minnesota Department of Transportation Logo
Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is updating the 20-Year Minnesota State Highway Investment Plan (MnSHIP) and are looking for your feedback.
MnSHIP guides future investment decisions to maintain and improve the state highway system.  MnSHIP analyzes difficult and important trade-offs for how to invest in the state highway system and identifies priorities for investment. To prioritize its funding, MnDOT is guided by several factors including state and federal requirements, technical analysis, and public input. Over the next three months, MnDOT be connecting with Minnesotans and transportation partners to identify priorities for improvements and help to set an investment direction.
There are several ways to participate:
– Check out information about the plan at www.MinnesotaGo.org

– Explore the interactive investment budgeting tool and approaches to investing located at this link www.MinnesotaGo.org/investment/ and tell us how you’d budget state highway revenue for the next 20 years

– Participate in community events around the state this summer.  If you see a MnDOT display, stop by to learn more about the plan and share feedback through a short survey

– Request an engaging presentation for your organization through www.MinnesotaGo.org/spread-word/request-presentation

– Follow MnDOT’s social media accounts for posts about MnSHIP and share the posts with your followers

– Sign up for email updates and help spread the word!

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