Winter Bicycling Tips

The MAPO area is a four-season climate, but you don’t have to be a die-hard bicyclist to enjoy your bike year-round. Below are a selection of winter bicycling tips. Stop into any of Greater Mankato’s bicycle shops for more guidance.

• Lower your saddle. Lowering your center of gravity is likely to make your bike less wobbly. If slipping does occur, you’re in a better position to grip the ground with your feet and stabilize yourself. Lastly, if you do fall over, starting from a lower position will decrease the impact.

• (Slightly) decrease tire pressure. Letting a small amount of air out of your tires will allow more traction on a slippery road surface.

• Watch snow for clues. Remember that any road surface that glitters will most likely be slippery, even if it appears dry.

• Keep your bicycle clean. Winter road salt, slush, and grime can accelerate rusting and corrosion. A well-maintained bike will respond better and is safer to ride.

• Dress appropriately. Winter is not only colder, it’s also darker. Remember to dress appropriately for the temperature and the decreased daylight. Stay warm, stay visible.

Source: O’Sullivan, Feargus. The Safe Way to Ride Your Bike in Winter. January 8, 2018. Photo credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen. Creative Commons License.

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