Regional Transportation Coordinating Council

MAPO is leading planning work to develop an Operational Implementation Plan (OIP) for a Regional Transportation Coordinating Council (RTCC) servicing the south-central Minnesota region. MAPO is employing a broad range of public engagement over the course of this project including individual outreach to stakeholder groups and a series of Open Houses to inform and gather stakeholder input. The Open Houses are described below:

Open House #1: Conducted via interactive teleconference to accommodate targeted population with disabilities. Riverbend Group – National Federation for the Blind. Thursday, February 13, 2020, 7:00PM

Open House #2: New Ulm Community Center, 600 N. German St., New Ulm, MN 56073. Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 3:30PM

Open House #3: Live virtual open house to accommodate public health guidance related to COVID-19. Tuesday, August 18, 5:00PM. To join the live open house:• Go to
• Enter password: MAPO-RTCC
To join the meeting by phone:
• Dial 312-626-6799, then as prompted, enter webinar ID: 961 7970 3147 and password: 643352521

Open House #4: Postponed due to COVID-19; please check back soon for updates.

What is a Regional Transportation Coordinating Council (RTCC)?

Increasingly, Minnesotans are commuting from one area to another for jobs, medical appointments, education, shopping, and other purposes. The need for effective, affordable regional public transportation is growing, especially for those most in need such as older adults, persons with disabilities, persons with low income, students, new Americans, and veterans. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) Office of Transit & Active Transportation is providing funds for the creation of a statewide network of Regional Transportation Coordinating Councils (RTCCs) throughout Greater Minnesota. RTCCs are intended to be a regional forum for formalized and increased coordination between transportation providers (public, private, and nonprofit) and human service agencies with the goal of providing customers a more efficient system of transportation options, easier access, and more transportation options that meet their travel needs.

What is MAPO’s role?

MAPO has been granted Phase 1 – Planning funds by MnDOT to engage in planning activities for an RTCC. MAPO is coordinating stakeholder engagement, data collection, data analysis, and production of technical memoranda and documents. These efforts will be used to produce an Operational Implementation Plan (OIP) to implement an RTCC servicing the south-central Minnesota region.

What is an Operational Implementation Plan?

An OIP includes the following elements:​

1.  It describes the goals and objectives of the proposed RTCC;

2.  It describes how the proposed RTCC will help implement specific needs identified in the Local Human Services Public Transit Coordination Plan;

3.  It describes RTCC membership;

4.  It includes the bylaws by which the RTCC will operate;

5.  It describes the organizational resources needed for RTCC implementation, such as staffing, computers, a website, etc.;

6.  It includes a work plan of activities to be undertaken by the RTCC in its first two years of implementation;

7.  It identifies how partners and stakeholders will stay involved in the RTCC implementation phase;

8.  It provides a budget for RTCC operations, including how local funds will be raised in order to match a State operating grant

RTCC documents

Project Management Team (PMT) #1 agenda

Project Management Team (PMT) #1 minutes

Project Management Team (PMT) #2 agenda

Project Management Team (PMT) #2 minutes

Project Management Team (PMT) #3 presentation

Project Management Team (PMT) #3 minutes

Project Management Team (PMT) #4 presentation

Project Management Team (PMT) #4 minutes

How do I get involved?

Please visit the Public Participation section of this site for the many ways to make your voice heard.