Minnesota State University, Mankato Stadium Road Crossing Study

MAPO has partnered with Minnesota State University, Mankato, the City of Mankato, and Blue Earth County to study pedestrian connectivity on Stadium Road between the intersections of Ellis Avenue and Warren Street. The corridor is approximately 1,400 feet and services both university and non-university pedestrian, bicyclist, and automotive traffic. The study goal is to develop potential solutions for improved travel conditions for all modes.

Stadium Road is a three-lane arterial that carries about 11,000 to 12,000 vehicles per day and is projected to handle approximately 15,000 to 16,000 per day by 2045 as a key connector to the MSU,M campus and destinations in southern Mankato. The roadway is jurisdictionally classified as County State Aid Highway (CSAH 60) making it an integral part of the overall Blue Earth County roadway network.

The corridor also operates as a critical multimodal connector with on-street bike lanes, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings, and bus stops for the Mankato Transit System which operates both routes connecting the region to MSU,M as well as specific “U-Zone” campus routes. Additionally, nearly 2,500 parking spaces and the school’s athletic complex resides south of Stadium Road as it bisects the campus, creating a barrier for students and visitors to access athletic events and student commuters to travel between the parking lots and main campus area. All the transportation modes require right-of-way space to safely and efficiently operate along, and across, Stadium Road which supports the access and vitality of MSU,M for students, faculty/staff, and visitors.

With so many competing needs, safety issues have arisen over the last ten years. A process rooted in quantitative analysis and community input will assist with understanding the mobility relationships and creative solutions to improve the safety, comfort, and reliability of Stadium Road for those walking, bicycling, taking transit, and driving.

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